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USV is a leading Indian pharmaceutical company with revenues exceeding USD 290mn. Our products include finished formulations, API, biotherapeutics and peptides which are manufactured and exported globally by us.
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GMP Peptides Manufacturer


GMP is an inbuilt part of our production. Lab level is non GMP and multi-gram level is GMP based. "We have synthesized more than 1000 peptides. The peptides range from di-peptides to peptides having more than 60 Amino Acid residues."
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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Custom Peptide Synthesis

USV Peptides offers Custom Peptide Synthesis based upon your requirement. No restriction on order size. Our standard offerings include "peptides ranging from gram to multi-gram to multi-kilogram quantities".
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Peptide Partners

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Our advanced facility, and our technical expertise of over a decade in peptide synthesis, gives us the capability to support your requirements from the early discovery stage to the late commercial stage. Our state of the art facility ensures superior quality peptides at competitive rates.
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