Custom Peptide Synthesis


USV provides reliable peptide synthesis services that range from peptide modifications and synthesis to high-throughput synthesis and peptide library screening. With an experience of over a decade, US-FDA approved GMP manufacturing facilities, and state-of-the-art R&D laboratory, USV has been providing the highest quality custom peptide synthesis with a purity level > 99% across the world.

Being a successful supplier, we can synthesise peptides on both research and commercial scale, offering our services to major pharmaceutical companies and research scientists from reputed universities and institutes. USV strives to meet the highest standards for customised services, quality of the product, and technical expertise. We supply to sectors like molecular medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, biology and biochemistry.

USV carries out the synthesis of peptides using a wide variety of top-notch equipment in our large facility. Working with a dedicated and adept chemist team, we seamlessly address the continually increasing requirement for peptide in drug discovery research and biology. We have unparalleled expertise in multimeric, constrained, unusual and complex peptide sequences, along with other commonly demanded peptides. If you are looking for a high-quality peptide synthesis conducted using regulated processes, USV is at your service.

Choose USV for Your Custom Peptide Synthesis Requirements

USV conducts both solid-phase peptide synthesis and liquid phase peptide synthesis using avant-garde technologies. We only use carefully optimised peptide synthesis methods for solid-phase synthesis and mainly use Fmoc-based chemistry in automated synthesisers. On the other hand, liquid-phase synthesis or UPLC (Ultra-high Performance Liquid Chromatography) is just as crucial as using optimised purification methods and synthetic strategies. With our custom peptide synthesis services, you can depend on –

  • Timely delivery
  • Fully-optimised and robust purification procedures for quality control
  • Fast processing of orders and quick turn-around times
  • Personal consultation by highly skilled and experienced chemists

USV’s custom peptide synthesis depends on the highest-quality Waters Acquity UPLC systems to confirm peptide purity. We deliver every synthetic peptide as a lyophilised white powder, and all the relevant data is provided with an analysis certificate. We also offer optional analyses like stability determination, presence of water and residual solvents, sequencing, NMR and amino acid analysis.

Our peptide synthesis prices are very competitive and depend on your requirements. We supply peptides either as HPLC-purified material or as crude products. USV puts no limitations on the size of the orders. Do you have a large order or a small one? According to your request, we can aliquot deliveries in separate vials ranging in an array of quantities.

Our Peptide synthesis services involve –

  • High health and environment standards
  • The most advanced equipment
  • Dedicated peptide production laboratories
  • On-demand custom peptide synthesis
  • Professional and all-time customer support

Our everyday excellence lies in cyclic peptide, cosmetic synthesis of the peptide, peptides with irregular modifications, and long-chain peptide. USV can produce GMP peptide in large scale. Each of our custom peptides is supported by HPLC and MS analyses, which removed any room for errors.

If you are a researcher or run a pharmaceutical company looking for custom peptide supply, get in touch with USV today.

Key Features

  • Superior Quality. Affordable Peptide
  • Personalised consultation with experienced peptide experts
  • Purities ranging from crude to >98%. Quantities ranging from mg to multi-kg scale
  • Wide range of peptide modifications available
  • cGMP facility for bulk manufacturing of peptide
  • Fast Delivery

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