USVPeptides Testimonials


Testimonials from few of our satisfied customers:

Very happy with USV's Custom Peptide Synthesis Service. They supplied excellent quality peptide in very short time. Will order peptide from them again!

-- Sr.Scientist at National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, India

USV was able to synthesize my order of overlapping peptide within the strict timelines we had given them. I will surely recommend USV to my colleagues for all their peptide synthesis requirements.

-- Team Lead at a leading Drug Discovery Company, India.

The reproducibility of results using USV Peptide is excellent. I completed my research using only USV peptide. I have acknowledged them in my research paper as a reliable supplier of peptide and will order from them again in the future!

-- PhD student at National Institute of Virology, India

We were on a tight budget and an even tighter schedule. We tried USV Custom Peptide Synthesis amongst a few other suppliers. USV was able to deliver our fairly complicated peptide (peptide having disulfide bridges and backbone cyclization) within the stipulated time without compromising on quality. The low price tag of these peptide also added to the joy.

-- Research Scientist, Drug Discovery Company, USA

We decided to try USV Custom Peptide after meeting their team at the TIDES 2011 symposium, Boston. We wanted to have the best quality peptide at the lowest possible cost and in shortest possible time. USV Peptide not only delivered the peptide before our deadline but also gave us a handsome discount on future orders.

-- Professor, Technische Universitat, Germany

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