Immunology & Peptidomimetics


  • Immunology
  • Peptide are used in immunology studies to measure the antigenic response. KLH-conjugated peptide are used to elicit an immugenic response

  • Toxicology Studies
  • Peptide found in toxins/ poisons of various organisms are researched for possible anti-venom applications

  • Biochemistry
  • Research for artificial hormones using peptide is carried out in various branches of biochemistry

  • NMR Research
  • Structural studies of proteins and peptide of biological interest are carried out using NMR

  • Animal Biology Studies
  • Effect of peptide on various bodily functions of animals

  • Cosmetics
  • Peptide like GHK-Cu, Argireline, Matrixyl are regularly used in cosmetics

  • Peptidomimetics
  • Peptide can mimic protein segments and be used as probes to study protein-protein interactions

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